F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1) I've lost my license, what to do ?

    Please send an email from your emailaddress which is used for registration to with your request to receive a new copy of your registration key. You will receive a copy of your license information through email within a couple of days.

    2) When i make a connection with PortableVPN there is a small blink in my systemtray, could you tell what is causing this ?

    The is an external application which check the removal of the U3 memory pen and disconnects the connection when needed.

    3) My company uses L2TP based VPN tunnels, does PortableVPN support those type of tunneling ?

    Version 1.1.3 and above supports L2TP with PreSharedKey VPN connections.

    4) My language is not available in PortableVPN, how to add my own language ?

    When someone offers to translate PortableVPN into his own language it will be added to the next release and the user will get a free copy of PortableVPN. For more information send an email to

    5) I cannot connect to an L2TP VPN server even when your website says PortableVPN does connect to a LT2P VPN server

    Open the connection file located in the settings folder and add the following line AuthRestriction= nnn replace nnn with the correct value. If you can create a working connection in Windows, you can retrieve the correct value from one of the following files, open these files with notepad or another text editor.


    6) Everytime i install a new version on my U3 memory pen, i have to configure all the settings again. How to avoid this in the future ?

    It's possible to make a backup of the settings from within PortableVPN this option can be found in the system menu. This menu also has the ability to restore settings. When you upgrade your version on your U3 memory pen the settings are preserved. When PortableVPN is removed and reinstalled it automatic detects if a backup of the settings is available and will ask you a question if you want to restore them.

    7) I am missing something in PortableVPN which i believe is very important, what to do ?

    Visit the forum and place your request in the request section. If we like your request we will add it to the next version of PortableVPN.




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